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#5Supporting Developer Community: Funding Grants and Hackathons

This proposal aims to allocate funds for grants and hackathons to support and incentivize developers within our ecosystem. By investing in the developer community, we can attract talented individuals, encourage innovation, and build a thriving developer ecosystem around our crypto token.

Executed on :June 4, 2023

Status: Executed

  • For: 85963 (59.08%)
  • Against: 23669 (16.26%)
  • Abstain: 35860 (24.64%)

#4Enhancing User Experience: Funding UI/UX Improvements

This proposal focuses on improving the user experience (UI/UX) of our platform by allocating resources to design and development initiatives. By enhancing the usability and aesthetics of our platform, we can attract and retain more users, ultimately driving adoption and growth.

Canceled on :June 4, 2023

Status: Failed

  • For: 76533 (38.59%)
  • Against: 95866 (48.34%)
  • Abstain: 25896 (13.05%)

#3Expanding Market Reach: Funding Global Expansion Strategies

This proposal aims to allocate funds for expanding our market reach into new regions and territories. By investing in global expansion strategies, we can tap into new markets, increase adoption, and broaden the token's ecosystem.

Executed on :June 2, 2023

Status: Executed

  • For: 589663 (99.95%)
  • Against: 0 (0%)
  • Abstain: 255 (0.04%)

#2Building a Sustainable Future: Funding Green Technology Development

This proposal seeks to support the development of environmentally friendly technologies by allocating resources to projects focused on sustainability. By investing in green initiatives, we can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Canceled on :June 2, 2023

Status: Failed

  • For: 929633 (99.50%)
  • Against: 4588 (0.49%)
  • Abstain: 0 (0%)

#1Empowering Community Growth: Funding Education and Outreach Initiatives

This proposal aims to allocate funds for educational programs and outreach efforts to promote the adoption and understanding of our crypto token. By investing in education and community engagement, we can foster a more informed and supportive ecosystem.

Executed on :June 1, 2023

Status: Executed

  • For: 23695 (71.27%)
  • Against: 586 (1.76%)
  • Abstain: 8963 (26.96%)